Architecture & Design

bali rice terraces an an example for green building
Building Towards a Better Future

How can we create green and healthy cities in a post-pandemic world? Probiotic architecture, climate justice, and living homes might be the answer.

Pirouette House by Indian Architect Vinu Daniel
Architect Vinu Daniel on The Art of Wall-making with Waste and Earth

India-based architect and engineer Vinu Daniel creates award-winning buildings with waste materials and earth. But before gaining international recognition for his eco-sensitive construction techniques and materials, Daniel had to overcome many obstacles.

La Metropolitana: Making a Difference with Design

In this episode, we share the story of Mexican design studio La Metropolitana, who established a pilot project, that tackles social issues resulting from internal migration.

Brent Leggs, director of the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund
Brent Leggs on Preserving African American History

This episode, we set on an acoustic journey through African American culture and visit places like Nina Simone’s childhood home, the birthplace of hip hop in New York, and, among others, Villa Lewaro, the legacy of America’s first female millionaire, Madame C.J. Walker.

artist michael jantzen
Green Buildings: How Michael Jantzen Challenges Architecture Through Art

The American artist Michael Jantzen merges art and architecture to create sustainable architectural structures. In this podcast episode, he shares his learnings on sustainable design.

Fake Facades
KOSMOS Architects: Questioning Conventional Laws of Beauty

Artem Kitaev, co-founder of Russian studio KOSMOS Architects on keeping up with fast-paced architectural trends, and the potential of temporary architecture for more sustainable cities.

Yinka Ilori, Artist-Designer, London: “The Pandemic Is a Call to Action for the Design Industry”

A conversation with Yinka Ilori about the role of design in society, family values, and the special gift he inherited from his mother and grandmother.

Casa Gomis: How a Family Home Became a Refuge for Barcelona’s Avantgarde in the 1960s

Casa Gomis, designed by the Spanish architect Antonio Bonet, has become a testament to rationalist architecture in Spain, but it faces an uncertain future.